How Much Money Is Required For An Advanced Digital Marketing Course?

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Digital Marketing has become the hottest way of selling nowadays. Many companies are thinking to extend their online marketing budget. This is often the rationale why Digital Marketers are in demand today and can be in the future. The longer-term of Digital Marketing is extremely bright as revolutionary changes are happening in internet technology and smartphones. People also are becoming Digital day by day.

Because of such an honest scope, ‘Digital Marketing Expert‘ is becoming the foremost popular career option. To be a successful Digital Marketing Expert, you would like to find out the techniques and pursue the updated skills of the industry. For this, you would like to hitch the course from a well-known institute having not only good expertise in Digital Marketing but also good mentors having experience within the field. There are tons of institutes that offer courses in Digital Marketing. Their Fee structure is additionally different. Advanced Digital Marketing Course fee depends on many factors. We tried to conduct a study on Digital Marketing course fees and the way much an institute should charge in India.


There are two types of training programs.

  1. eLearning
  2. Classroom program.

The fee for eLearning that’s online program is relatively less than the classroom program.

To talk roughly about India, there’s an enormous difference within the course fee. If you’ll Google for the course fee in your city, you’ll find many numbers. As per my research, the typical fee for a complete Advanced Digital Marketing Course is around Rs. 45000/-, a few establishments are offering Digital Marketing course at as it were. Rs. 8000/- in India. The very best Fee I found is 75000/-. There are some very fashionable institutes which are offering the course at around 30-35 k.

Why such a difference in the fees.

Now the question arises, why some institutes are offering almost the same course at such a coffee Fee. Numerous components influence the Expense structure. Below are some factors discussed.

Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Course Fees

1. City, Place:

The Advanced Digital Marketing Course fee in Metro cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi is above other cities. Basically, for well-known institutes, you’ll find the fees bit higher around 50 – 70K in tier 1 cities. In tier 2 cities like Pune, Kanpur, Vadodara, Indore, Vishakhapatnam you’ll get the course at around 40-50K approx if you’re getting to the great institute. It will cost you around 30-35K in level 3 urban communities like Nashik, Kochi, Ludhiana. But, you’ll find an equivalent thing common altogether sorts of cities that you simply will find many institutes which are offering the course at a really cheap price like 10-12K.

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2. Quality: 

This is the most factor which affects the Digital Marketing course fee or I assume all kinds of product and repair. The nature of a course implies the standard of its substance. Technology is changing very rapidly. Every day, we encounter new technology or a new feature of an equivalent technology. Within the field of Digital Marketing also various changes are made by the search engines and social media. The substance of a course ought to contain those new refreshed strategies. Digital Marketing may be a completely practical thing. You would like to find out things by doing. It’s also about the resources and material they’re providing.

3. The depth of the knowledge: 

The syllabus should cover all the required practices and techniques which are currently employed by the industry experts. Introduction to the subject isn’t sufficient to become an expert. It’s all about the practice. You’ll learn this by performing more and more practicals. an honest Digital Marketing course covers the following important modules filled with practical on each of the modules.

Site setup for business/marketing, SEO (Search Engine Marketing), Web Analytics, Inbound / Outbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ad Management, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Program Marketing Like… Adwords, Adsense, etc.

For example, if the AdWords module is there, they ought to show you ways they’re running a true ad on Google Adwords. Then then you’ll learn the module. Therefore the depth of the knowledge also plays a role within the fees.

4. Mentor:

Having the guidance, encouragement, and support of a trusted and experienced mentor results in engrave a broad range of private and professional skills into the scholar. To learn the proper skills, you would like a mentor instead of an educator. He can teach you proper and updated skills. The profile of the mentor plays a crucial role in the course fees. A large number of notable organizations have industry specialists as a coach for Computerized Showcasing course. The specialists are as of now all around settled in their Digital Marketing career. If such an expert is coming to show, definitely the fees are going to be more as institutes even have to pay them more. There are such platforms available where you’ll learn Digital Marketing right from the industry experts.

5. Job/Business Assistance:

You will need to check the previous record of the corporate and institute. Everyone says 100% job assistance or maybe they supply the guarantee. But the position and salary package is additionally a thing to be considered. Good Digital Marketing institutes have excellent connections, so if you’re planning for employment, this could be your plus point than other candidates if you’ve got completed it from a well-known institute. Many good institutes are providing assistance if you’ve got any idea to start out online business or eCommerce.

So in my opinion, it’s completely about the worth and content they’re providing. At last, you ought to get benefit out of it. Fees are like an investment. An investment in gaining knowledge and developing skills is the best investment. So if you’re in tier 1 city, I feel average Rs 45000/- are going to be sufficient. If any Digital Marketing Institute is charging quite this, you’ll talk and ask them intimately. If the ROI is best, you’ll invest.

There are many universities and colleges, but just some of them have good campus placements. You get a degree or certification everywhere, but the foremost important thing is that the value of that certification within the market. consistent with my personal opinion, you ought to not accompany cheap course providers and learn outdated techniques. Rather if you need money, wait a few days, attempt to manage the finances, and join an honest Digital Marketing Course.

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How Much Money Is Required For An Advanced Digital Marketing Course?
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